Is a multi-faceted project created for public exhibition. The project is not intended to be religious, but is an exploration of various themes, including conviction, power, and intimacy. In a coalescence of private and public dialogue, the project encounters the beliefs we live by, with and without realization, and the unconscious frequency with which they surface, whether by intention or denial.

The project involves a broad range of participants from throughout the world, including celebrities, homeless individuals, academics, convicted criminals and victims, humanitarians, inventors, architects, service industry professionals, athletes, and a Native American tribal chief, among numerous others. (For more information on project participants click here).

The work is not concerned with the categorization of Love and God, but explores the proximity of Identity to these themes. The nature of the project is a cultivation of dialogue on the following concepts: ritual, community, evolution of humanity, cosmology, social constructionism, sacred histories, ethics, vulnerability, and the experience of conviction. The work approaches the dichotomy between interpersonal and impersonal love: Though the installation is conceptually broad in scope, its focus is the present evolutionary identity, both individual and collective, and the interstice of isolation and connection.

The original phrase was displayed as a 50-story LED public installation on the American Eagle Building in Times Square, New York, 2014.