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Above: Earl Gravy, Adam Mars, Alex Becerra. Angeline Rivas, Analia Saban, Juliana Paciulli, Paige Greco, Jessica Williams, Vanessa Prager, Henry Taylor, Markus Bacher, Fawn Rogers, Corey Cano


“SUBJECT” was inspired by a produce truck driveshaft and the most fertile soil (Terra Petra) found in California. The installation creates a propositional composition of a closed system with man-made objects, nature and the by-product of biotechnology. Rogers invites the viewers to watch super weeds grow from the soil under the resurfaced produce truck drive shafts where organic and inorganic compounds slowly reach chemical equilibrium through the sedimentation of time, as nature gradually re-establishes its ecological balance beyond our existence. As part of the installation Rogers invited 52 California artists to represent produce currently farmed in California as works of art on a deck of oversized playing cards.

Artists Included in SUBJECT: 

Lilly Aldriedge Glenn Araya Markus Bacher Alex Becerra Michael Brunswick Corey Cano Vanessa Chow Mariah Garnett Michael Genovese Paige Greco Earl Gravy Gordon Holden Isabella Kelly-Ramirez Dwyer Kilcollin Vanessa Kowalski Emery Lambus Morgan Mandalay Adam Mars Patrick Martinez Lindsey Mejia Eric Minh Swenson Erin Morrison Andre Moya Sandeep Mukherjee Lindsey Nobel Juliana Paciulli Kenton Parker Julia Paull Karl Petion Vanessa Prager Yuval Pudik Heather Rasmussen Angeline Rivas Miller Robinson Fawn Rogers Guy Rusha Analia Saban Andy Schansberg Andrew Schoultz Chas Schroeder Katie Sinnott Ryan Sluggett Lisa Soto Henry Taylor Eddy Vajarakitipongse Tasya van Ree Alice Wang Austyn Weiner Jessica Williams Jesse Willenbring Melanie Willhide Theodore Wohng